Hello Flux Agents

Boundaryless Career Attitude

You need to be flexible with your career. You have a mobile or variable work style that emerges as you grow your skills and capabilities. You have a desire to build your own career and shape the world in your special way.

Intrinsic Motivation

You are compelled to do something amazing. This battle is yours and yours alone. You pour all your energy into what inspires you. This motivation is all yours.

Growth Mindset


Your success comes from the amount of effort you put into a task. You are resilient and persistent.



You are emotionally expressive, energetic, and have a high level of sociability. Your personality is clearly on display in your work and lifestyle.

Openness to New Experiences

You are aware of emerging trends and curious about new experiences. You are creative. Solving problems is a passion of yours. You love exploring places, options, and trends. The horizon is your battlefield.


Who are Flux Agents?


Modern business media follows themes in employee trends: aspirations of savvy leaders, the changing face of business due to technology & globalization, and the future of the workforce based on psychographics, community, and adaptation. The workforce is evolving, and opportunities are ripe for innovative & motivated people. The nucleus of this evolution centers on Flux Agents.


Flux Agents are boundaryless leaders- this means they're psychologically or physically mobile, and they self-direct their careers in accordance with their values. They are intrinsically motivated. They are growth minded. They adapt to ever-changing environments, and they are open to new experiences. Indeed, they enjoy altering their careers in accordance with opportunities. Flux Agents flourish in modern business. Their life's work is multi-dimensional.


This research centers on the mindsets of those who thrive across business boundaries. It seeks to explain the social realities constructed by agile business people across multiple platforms and characterize the ethos of those with this mindset. Flux Agents is the topic of Bethany Miller's doctoral thesis. It's an exclusive perspective of a unique category of leaders- the first ever study of its kind.


Define your unique combination of traits...


Your attitudes, motivations, and mindset shape how you see the world and how you approach your work.

Flux Agents are people who recognize opportunity amid chaos and tackle large-scale or global issues.

We all have varying degrees of Flux. To have high Flux or low Flux is neither good nor bad- it's just your personal work style.

However YOU work is personal to your career. Each project could be done differently depending on the person working on it.

It's important to recognize how your individual psychographic characteristics shape your work personality.

This is how you'll know where you make the biggest impact with your work. 

How Flux are you?


What is the origin of "Flux Agents"?


As an employee, manager, leader, and perpetual student of business, philosophy, and culture, I was plagued by this question:



How do leaders engage people with different mindsets?


The topic involves the subjects of Self-Actualization and Emotional Intelligence as they relate to employee engagement. The leader must understand the individual employee’s motivation and mindset in order to properly identify, harness, and utilize his/her skills. Beyond that, proper negotiation of job duties, monitoring their effectiveness and effecting rapid adjustments where necessary are critical to the successful steps towards strategic success for the leader.


Some of the crucial concepts I set out to investigate were:


*adaptation to new environments

*the generational divide

*the gig economy

*serial entrepreneurship

*career philosophy

*chaos adaptation as it pertains to business

*managing remote employees

*global issues and cultural norms and how they shape business

*the ebb and flow of labor pools

*management flexibility 

*performance metrics

*and most importantly: how does the psychology of individual employees impact the sociology of the organization?



The workforce is evolving, and businesses and media are taking notice.


In an environment where institutionalism, traditional business practices, and conventional Human Resource methods are falling out of fashion, traditional careers are also changing for those we call “Flux Agents”. Finally, employees are working with purpose. And that purpose is a product of their unique interests, values, experiences, and desires for the future. These psychographics make each employee special, necessary, and motivated about something in particular. Businesses thrive when the workforce is diverse. 


The definitions of traditional careers have changed, new business norms have emerged, and amidst the chaos of non-stable and evolving workplaces, some employees embrace the opportunity to live a boundaryless career.



How do you see your career?


Do you see yourself as working to change the future, passionate about change, striving for adaptation, evolution, and a better solution for the way things work?

If so, you're probably a Flux Agent.


Is your work your life's mission?

If so, you're probably a Flux Agent.


Does your work get better because you incorporate your various life experiences? Do you constantly build skills, learn new things, and strive to make yourself better?

If so, you're probably a Flux Agent.


Do you seek community with people who vibrate high energy, feed your soul, challenge you, and help you solve problems?

If so, you're probably a Flux Agent.


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