Life is about the variety of experiences you craft...


After extensive research on chaos adaptation and career philosophy, I've found that the best method of work is to dive in, strive to create solutions to future challenges, and envision the best version of tomorrow. Sometimes it takes bravery. Sometimes it's pure fortitude. But move forward, always.



Click here to see a list of previously published work, including poetry, blogs, business pieces, and academic work.


Language Learning


I'm studying French, Italian, Greek, and Spanish. Want to learn with me? Here are the resources I use.




Ideation, paintng, crafts, writing, design, art history studies, music, and other forms of creativity really inspire me.


Book Recommendations


I read a LOT. Click here to see my book lists and recommendations.



Nonprofit Work


I'm a co-founder of Abingdon Foundation and have worked with multiple organizations in aviation, the arts, careers, and STEAM.



I work with business managers, entrepreneurs, creators, students, pilots, mid-career professionals, and change agents.


Management Projects 


If you want to create something different, brainstorm innovations, chat about your career, or work together, please reach out.