Flux Agents


Who Are Flux Agents?

Modern business media follows themes in employee trends: aspirations of savvy leaders, the changing face of business due to technology & globalization, and the future of the workforce based on psychographics, community, and adaptation. The workforce is evolving, and opportunities are ripe for innovative & motivated people. The nucleus of this evolution centers on Flux Agents.


Flux Agents are boundaryless leaders- this means they're psychologically or physically mobile, and they self-direct their careers in accordance with their values. They are intrinsically motivated. They are growth minded. They adapt to ever-changing environments, and they are open to new experiences. Indeed, they enjoy altering their careers in accordance with opportunities. Flux Agents flourish in modern business. Their life's work is multi-dimensional.


This research centers on the mindsets of those who thrive across business boundaries. It seeks to explain the social realities constructed by agile business people across multiple platforms and characterize the ethos of those with this mindset. Flux Agents is the topic of Bethany Miller's doctoral thesis. It's an exclusive perspective of a unique category of leaders- the first ever study of its kind.



Boundaryless career attitudes describe nontraditional professional mobility and perspectives towards employee-driven career freedom and fulfillment-based progression. This refers to an individual's belief system. It arises from an individual's need to be flexible with their career and responsive to fast-paced and ever-changing environments. It is a rejection of limitations in one's ability to pursue their mission in life.



The impulse to work on something that is so extremely important will shape our behaviors like nothing else in our lives. Our motivation to work and our pursuit of any endeavor is driven by both external and internal incentives. Yet it is the inner voice that is most enduring. It mandates our necessity to act, our stimulation to learn, and our ability to achieve any goal we seek.

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Learning and development is ongoing throughout our life, but is most critically shaped when we are young. Each challenge molds our resiliency, strategies for coping, and motivation. Those with a Growth Mindset value effort over achievement, and will therefore continue to pursue answers, solutions, and endeavors despite roadblocks or setbacks. Those who seek change in the world and strive to contribute great things in their careers have Growth Mindsets.

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Extraverted people find joy in surrounding themselves with pleasant people and experiences. They seek status and are assertive and outgoing, which may or may not be advantageous based on the situation and other group members. Extraversion allows people to speak up for themselves and thereby gain momentum in their actions. They enjoy teaching, taking on large endeavors, and communicating with impact.

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Open minded people are excited about experiencing things that are new, adventurous, or different. There is a love of fresh ideas for these people. When one is open to new experiences, they are more likely to try innovative solutions, propose things that have never been done, or think outside of the box. While trying to address the most important issues of our time, those that are open to new experiences will have the ability to adapt to chaotic situations and break barriers with their creativity. These are the ones with foresight, bravery, and presence in the face of adversity.


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