Are You A Flux Agent in Your Career?

Bethany Miller - Aviator, Author and Veteran, joins Dr. Dawn to share insights from her book "The Flux Agents Guidebook". Learn how to build a boundaryless career, adapt to chaos and think differently about your professional life in this informative episode of Career Talk. Plus, EGOTs, Miami Vice and getting past your fear of flying! #switchers

Dr. Bethany with Dr. Dawn

Dr. Bethany Miller joined Dr. Dawn Graham for the radio show “SiriusXM – Dr. Dawn On Careers” at Wharton to discuss boundaryless careers and what makes for a great career. Learn to adapt to chaos and overcome big obstacles, think like a multi-careerist, and solve large-scale problems. Listen to the episode here.

This live recording was made for Wharton Business School's SiriusXM channel, February 22, 2019.

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