Are You a Renaissance Woman?

For those who thrive on flux, flow, and fluidity-

Hello artists. Hello businesswomen. Hello re-inventors of modern living.

If you’ve turned your profession into a masterpiece re-imagining how business is done, you’re in the right place. Because you are a Renaissance Woman. Your vocation is to tame the ocean tide of “business as usual.” You thrive on forging the way, and you’re a magician in your industry. This is what the Renaissance, the rebirth, of business is about.

The number of women-led business initiatives is growing. It’s inspiring to see venture capital firms, business incubators, and authors writing about and focusing on women in business. Small or large, these visions are empowering commerce in many ways.

What makes this adventure “new again” is the way that we’re employing our opportunities. Renaissance Women are enterprising―they produce beautiful content and are released from the ordinary. They are creative and impassioned.

Women like India Hicks (C&W Issue Three) are the enterprising multi-hyphenate magnates that embody the fluidity necessary in today’s modern world. India tackles issues that are important, adds artistic vision to business ventures, grows wholeheartedly with her family, and empowers others around her. In essence, she flows with the abundance that life sets forth.

Ingrid Vanderveldt is on a mission to empower a billion women by 2020. Her EBW2020 vision includes partnerships that marry expertise, clients, and companies to focus on women’s business issues. Talk about Renaissance.

Aspiring women live again during evolving and transformative times. The “classical” ways of government, business, and life are changing, made contemporary with every flux of global change.

We are explorers again, stretching ourselves in new ways of thinking. Renaissance Women meet this challenge and help one another to thrive because of it.

This article was originally published in Cake&Whiskey, March 26, 2015.

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