My Next Fake Job

I'm looking forward to the new year and making lots of plans. My career has drastically changed (yet again!) and it's given me a chance (yet again!) to think about what I want my work to mean, how I want to understand the role of "job" in my life, and how exactly I would spend my time if I had complete power over that part of my existence.

So go along with me on that journey and let's play "Pretend About My Job."

  1. If you could change your career in any way, what job would you do?

  2. What was the job you wanted to do as a child?

  3. What if it was a part-time job?

  4. What if you had to work for free- what job would fill your soul?

  5. What job is exciting to you?

  6. Who works at your very cool new job?

  7. What are you in charge of at your fake job?

  8. What processed do you want to be involved in at this imaginary job?

  9. How many dogs work at this fantastic job? Just kidding! I was seeing if you were still reading thoroughly. So let's make it: Do animals hang out at this place? If so, why?

  10. Does your job have a timeframe during the day? Is it night or sunrise or mid-day or dusk or some other time that your work has the most impact?

  11. Are you solving a problem of the world, changing your community, making people happy, or preventing something bad from happening?

  12. Does your work involve spiritual guidance, a connection with nature, emotional therapy, a human or divine connection, or other type of peace work?

  13. Does your fake job have a lot of tools and equipment and machinery and moving parts? Really? Why or why not?

  14. What feeling do you get at the end of the day working at your dream job? Are you exhausted? Are you excited? Are you content? Are you malcontent enough to get back to it tomorrow and continue to work to do that thing? Are you at one with your being? Are you full of love? What?

  15. Do you work with children, elderly, Gen Xers, criminals, holy people, veterans, parents, those in distress, strangers, minorities, foreigners, or some other valuable people, or do you work alone?

  16. Do the parameters of your job change often, or is it routine? Why is this important?

  17. How long does this pretend job go on for? Is it leading to something?

  18. Why or how is this fake job different from what you're doing now?

  19. Whose job or work do you really admire?

  20. What is the best thing about this fake job?

That's all. Sometimes just sitting with those questions or thinking about what could be are enough to make us appreciate certain aspects of our work more, tolerate a bad job a bit longer, create change, or understand our work situation a little better.

Change is possible, but is it always necessary. If so, then get on it!

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