Powerful Presence

How to be “BOLD” and Increase Your Confidence at Conferences and Events

First, it’s really all about your attitude. Practice your posture. Let the excitement show in your eyes. Be fully present when you’re meeting someone. Shake hands firmly. Trade business cards or connection information. Be prepared to ask pertinent questions.

Exercise 1:  Stand Up Confidently

  • Pretend to be taller than you are

  • Have a long neck

  • Shoulder blades back

  • Put one foot forward

  • Think about being happy

  • Palms forward

  • Back straight

  • Look proud, smile, feel “deserving”

Exercise 2:  Introduce Yourself with a Proud Mindset

Practice saying OVERconfident statements in your head until you can say them with ease. Try these:

  • I am the President of the United States.

  • Yes, I cured cancer.

  • I am the first person to walk on Mars.

  • I ran an ultra marathon.

  • Next week I’m speaking at the U.N.

  • Oprah calls me for advice.

  • That little girl thinks I’m amazing.

  • I just shot a hole-in-one.

  • I have three Olympic gold medals.

Sound silly at first? Just remember, there are people out there who really say these things. Whatever your major accomplishments, own them.

The “B” in BOLD: Be You

The “O” in BOLD: Out There

  • Practice something that has nothing to do with your primary job

  • Be active on social media

  • Volunteer, join, partner with others

  • Blog, develop an opinion and a voice (about anything) 

  • Nurture profound relationships. Build true friendships. Love deeply. 

The “L” in BOLD: Leading Teams

  • Volunteer to lead a project once per quarter/season

  • Teach something in person or online

  • Research your company- become an expert of trivia

The “D” in BOLD: Drawing Crowds

Have Great Resources:

  • Search “[your field] industry organizations/associations”

  • Join an industry group 

  • Follow their social media

  • Interact with their social media

Mentorship- Have it and Get it:

  • LinkedIn

  • Industry groups

  • Twitter search “[your field] professional”

  • Twitter search “[your field] future / aspiring / student”

  • Interact

  • Connect

  • Write a thank-you note to the author/manager/leader of the last book you read, conference you attended, class you took, business you like

  • Say thanks for supporting X. Tell them what you liked best (share something). Ask one question.

  • Repeat often

Become an Expert in Less Than an Hour:

  • Power Stance- Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (21 min)

  • Connection is the Key to Conservation (18 min)

  • Our Monkey Mind (3 min)

  • The Science of Persuasion (12 min)

  • Tony Robbins Tips On Changing The Way You Feel (9 min)

  • Non Verbal Communication (3 min)

Become an Ongoing Expert Learner:

This presentation was originally given at the 2016 College Women’s Leadership Conference at the University of Louisville.