Reinvent the Wheel of Success

It’s time to look with fresh eyes on the work we do.

Why? To gain a better insight into how the job is coming along, to know whether we’re reaching our goals, to understand whether our work is purposeful and on track. Or to, if nothing else, appreciate our performance.

The wheel is the wheel. This circular tool is necessary for a myriad of functions. It’s also the perfect representation of success:  to come full circle, to go ‘round and ‘round, to circle back, to roll downhill. The circle is used in nearly every function in everyday life. Its engineering strength is undeniable. Its beauty is steadfast. There will never be a successful reinvention of it. Hence the illustrative humor of the phrase “to reinvent the wheel”.

The artist Giotto drew the perfect circle for Pope Boniface VIII. With nothing more than a brush full of red paint, Giotto drew one curved line. This simple red O was a masterful representation of skill and precision. It causes us to rethink mastery.

How shall we look at success? Perhaps it’s not the number of achievements we accrue. Perhaps it’s not our hard-earned expertise. Success may even disguise herself as fatigue from working so hard. Or can it be less ambiguous?

Maybe, just maybe, success is a perfect circle. Simple. Birthed of our innate talents. Embodied by our natural gifts. Can it be unassuming, yet immaculate? Recognized by children and elders alike. Perhaps we should reframe how we look at success. No need to make it more complex than it is. No need to reinvent the wheel.

This article was first published in Cake&Whiskey, September 15, 2015.

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