Renaissance Women in Stilettos

For those who thrive on flux, flow, and fluidity-

Reformation of business doesn’t happen overnight. It comes in slow waves, evolving and building until it crashes on the shores of society. This is how the Renaissance took place―centuries of innovations that changed the way we understood science, the way we looked at art, and the methods of governing people and business.

It’s happening again, this time with women in business. We’re changing the way we look at occupations. More women are in combat roles than ever before. Women as angel investors get a lot of press. Female CEOs, though in short supply, populate the headlines and cover stories. The wave is growing. It may take centuries before it crashes on the shores of society, but the momentum has begun.

So how do we keep this renaissance moving? Barriers are down, but egalitarianism is scant. Stories of women facing adversity in technology, politics, law enforcement, and other areas of business still abound. The solution: networks. Women are finding power, support, and connections through various organizations that champion women in their fields of business. It’s the good ol’ boys’ club redefined. It’s a rebirth of the power society.

Pamela Ryckman (C&W Issue 2) unveils how women leverage connections in her book Stiletto Network. She articulates why women networks are important for personal and professional support. Academic theory calls this phenomenon “strong ties/weak ties.” A network of strong ties takes time and energy―they are very important to your success. But the people who are your weak ties network give you diversity, inspiration, and access to a larger network. Both are crucial. And in this business renaissance, the female ties are bridging gender gaps in the workplace.

Business is reborn, and she’s wearing heels.

This article was originally published in Cake&Whiskey, May 27, 2015.

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