Renaissance Women: On Gender Equality

For those who thrive on flux, flow, and fluidity-

The Renaissance was a period of awakening after the Middle Ages. What began as a cultural movement of perspective manifested itself in artistic expression, educational reform, and yes, political, religious, and societal change. Actions reflected changing thoughts about the way we live life.

It’s happening again. And I find myself a part of it. I’m a woman in STEM, and I advocate for more women to pursue careers of technology and adventure. This starts with access to and love of learning. I applaud Malala Yousafzai’s advocacy for female education. I discuss Sheryl Sandberg’s plight for women in the workplace, from Lean In to writing about closing the gender gap with Adam Grant to creating Board Bootcamps with Marc Andreessen. I follow Chelsea Clinton’s work at the Clinton Foundation in championing women and girls globally.

Is there progress? Well, yes, but we won’t close the wage gap immediately. There won’t be 50% women on boards next year. All girls won’t go to school tomorrow. But we are talking about it. More people are becoming aware, and supportive. It’s fluid. And the direction it flows is up to us.

Let’s reimagine the balance of power. Let’s ask what it means to be an equal partner in our work, in our homes, and in our society.


Because shaking the foundations and screaming demands rarely achieves harmony. And it’s not my style. A good chance it’s not yours either.

This article was originally published at Cake&Whiskey, April 16, 2015.

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