The Flux Agents Guidebook

The Flux Agents Guidebook is designed for discovery and engagement in your career. You have a personal path in business and life, and this work is your life’s journey.

For Flux Agents- those with life’s mission fueled by boundarylessness, intrinsic motivation, and a growth mindset- a career is a biography of professions, pursuits, interests, and inventions. It energizes you. It has an elevated purpose that both motivates us and changes the world. Careers are multidimensional, and so are you. You aspire. You train. You plan and adapt. You work has no limits because that’s what it takes to create the next generation of your businesses.

You can see the evolution- that takes vision. You are a Flux Agent. This is your guidebook.

Based on innovative research into world-class businesspeople and practices, this Flux Guide will help you chart your course and intensify your mission. It’s a 26-week journey of adaptability and innovation.

Amplify your life’s work. Live Flux.

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