The Great Advantage of a Chaotic Life

When it comes to great agility, learning to deal with chaos is a necessary skill.

Beautiful Chaos

Chaos is a wonderful thing, but the term has many meanings.

To the non-mathematicians, it’s the definition of disarray and confusion. The fog of war. An explosion of indescribable mess. Headache and heartache.

To a scientist, chaos is the study of nonlinear and dynamic systems, where small changes in initial states produce wide-ranging, unpredictable effects down the line.

To a social scientist, chaos theory is a framework of the complex interactions of enterprises, applications, and agents. This is important. This will differentiate the agile, competent, progressive leaders from the institutional careerists.

So, what is to some people turbulent and disrupting is seen by others as a unique opportunity to study patterns and capitalize on the previously unpredicted. Think of chaos as a series of constantly developing opportunities. The benefit of chaos in business is that, if exploited properly, it teaches us agility, patience, adaptability.

The Right Frame of Mind

Adaptability is a powerful aptitude. Most people aren’t cut out for it. Change is very, very hard for traditional businesspeople. That’s why there’s so much literature on change management. If you become proficient at adaptability, you will see trends before others. You will find solutions others can’t see. You will have foresight in a number of matters. And most importantly, you will be at peace with change- inevitable change.

There is beauty in infinitely repeating patterns. There is newness to be found in constantly moving systems. If you work in a chaotic system, you develop a skill of cultivating fresh ideas, you stay sharp, and you never get bored. And when you work on these skills, you gain knowledge, you learn to see patterns where no one else does, you adapt prior to market trends, and you survive the turbulence that buries others.

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