Project 2021 

A friend inspired me to embark upon a journey for 2021 that involved 21 manifestations of desire, goodwill, introspection, and self. I think that's a wonderful sentiment with which to enter the new year. And it's a beautiful way to spend the year of transition that is upon us.


We are emerging from a year of unrest civilly, politically, and personally. There has been universal unhealth, unsettling, and global unrest. We are collectively in a time of change- not the growth kind of change but the angst type of change. It doesn't sit well with anyone.


And when no one can be the voice of reason to help us with clarity and optimism, when no one will look out for us, when we feel alone and threatened and scared, we must turn towards our inner self, our higher power, and our innate strength.


So let us exercise love and patience. Let there be kindness and sturdiness. Let me find resilience, peace, and joy. I yearn for growth. I miss connection. I want healing. 

My list of work for Project 2021 involves aspirations, not goals. I have set out guidelines from which I intend to deviate. I love myself for trying, not for completing. I will try random new things just because I can. I will try hard things because what could be harder than 2020? I will love you even if you don't understand or accept that I am different than you. I will be happy.

Prosperous Diwali.png

I'm using the five life areas as described by Danielle LaPorte in The Desire Map. They are:



Career. Work. Money. Home. Things. Fashion. Travel. 


Fitness. Food. Rest + Relaxation. Healing. Mental health. Sex + Sensuality.


Culture. Creative expression. Education. Interests. Hobbies.


Romance. Partnership. Friendship. Family. Children. Community. Causes.


Soul. Inner self. Faith. Devotional practices. (I will add here Universe, Mother nature, Spirits, Souls, Guides, God, and Universal love.)

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